AKASO Men's Tripolar Polarized Sunglasses with 3 Lenses


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AKASO Men's Tripolar Polarized Cycling Sunglasses, 3 Polarized Interchangeable Lenses, 100% UV Protection, Fits for Cycling and Running.

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  • Tripolar, as the name suggests, stands for three polarized lenses. Most sunglasses with interchangeable lenses only include one polarized lenses, but we provide THREE! All three lenses are impact-resistant, block all harmful UV up to 400nm and offer superior visual clarity.
  • Polarized Grey Lenses are most suitable for normal weather conditions.
  • Polarized Revo Lenses work best in bright daylights. The mirror coating decreases the amount of light passing through the tinted lens by a further 10–60%, making it especially useful for conditions of sand, water, snow, and higher altitudes.
  • Polarized Amber Lenses are great for a wide range of low light situations, or even at night!
  • 30 DAYS NO-HASSLE RETURN AND LIFETIME BREAKAGE WARRANTY ON FRAME & LENS - If the sunglasses dont meet your expectation or dont fit you well?Please dont hestitate to let us know because we are always here to help until 100% satisfaction. Block virtually all glare and 100% UV protection.

Tripolar-Optimized For Cyclists

Why choose Tripolar Cycling sunglasses ?
Tripolar sunglasses offers 3 polarized lens, strive to give super experience to rider, Simple and Function.Lens treatment eliminates glare from highly reflective surfaces like metal and water,ultimately offer an unimpeded point of view and extended peripheral vision.
Designed with a lightweight, aerodynamic frame, the Tripolar Sunglasses feel comfortable on your face as you speed up and down hills on your bike and sprint across the finish line after a long run.
Nose and ear pad offer secure and comfort,Three-point fit holds lenses in precises optical alignment.