The AKASO KIII Android TV box can be termed as a modern TV box that is meant to provide users with enjoyable entertainment and an assortment of option. This particular TV box is specially designed in a way that the users can enjoy watching what they want the way they want. This is made possible by the many technology oriented features that are incorporated. It is also made in a way that it is easy to install and also use since all the features are almost straight forward. This makes it important to go through and understand the features and specifications of this modern TV box.

Features and specifications

This AKOSO KIII Android TV Box comes with an Arnlogic S905 Quad-core 64 bit ARM CPU. This particular CPU provides the TV box with the necessary strength to support all the features in a convenient manner. It also has a 2GB RAM which supports the CPU to ensure the box is fast. Because of this RAM the TV box is able to respond to different commands within a short time therefore making entertainment more enjoyable. The ROM is Emmc Flash 16 GB with an option of 4-32GB. This ROM makes the TV box even more efficient when it comes to performance.

Another primary feature of this particular TV box is that it has a UHD 4K 60fps decoding. This decoding supports a number of options which are: H 264, AVS+ FDH 1080p 60fps HW encoding, H 265. This is modern top class technology which gives the users of the TV box options to choose from depending on the kind of entertainment they want. The TV box also has the ability to show several options of 3G graphics including the Open VG 1.1 and OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0 therefore providing the users of the set box with even more options.

The TV box has even more options when it comes to the decoder, video, music and photo options. This is facilitated by the fact that it is made in a way that it can support almost all the modern formats of videos, music and photos. As a result, the users of this TV box do not have to worry about formatting their contents prior to using them or the need to buy additional software so that the content can work in almost any format. When it comes to languages the TV box has twenty four options which include English, Chinese, Japanese and German. These twenty four language options allow the TV box be used by people who speak different languages without struggling.

This AKASO KIII android TV box is also made in a way that it can be easily connected with a number of modern external options. One of the primary features that allows connection with external gadgets include the IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac 2.4G and 5G WiFi. This particular WiFi allows the TV box to easily and conveniently connect with the internet. This further increases the entertainment options that the users can enjoy. The main reason behind this is that through the internet the users of this box can enjoy thousands of TV episodes and movies. The users can also enjoy sports, games, news, music and other modern entertainment options that the internet has to offer.

This particular modern android TV box also comes with a Bluetooth option which makes it possible to connect with other gadgets which also are Bluetooth enabled. This makes transfer of content from one gadget to the other very convenient and simple. The total internal memory of this TV box is 16 GB. However, the box can be connected with other external gadgets which make it easy to use content stored on other gadgets. One of the options is that the TV box comes with USB ports which are compatible with almost all the type of USB cords. This is a helpful feature because it means that the TV box can be used by almost any device that has a compatible USB option. Besides the USB option the TV box also comes with a single AV output and a single Audio output. This provides users with more options and ability to connect it with other gadgets.

Using this TV box is quite simple because it comes with an infra red remote control. This particular remote control is designed in a way that it fit on the hand perfectly with all the buttons being to use. The remote control is powered by two AAA batteries which allow it to be used for a long time without necessary needing to be changed. The TV box also has an LED indicator which turns blue when the power is ON and turns red when on standby. To make using the TV box even easier it comes with a detailed but simple to understand user manual. The importance of the user manual is that the many features might be confusing especially for a person using it for the first time. The user manual helps such people understand how to use the TV box in a convenient manner to ensure all the features are optimally utilized.

Inside the package that comes with this TV box there are a number of things including a 12V/1A DC adapter which is used to take power from the source to the TV box in a convenient manner. There is also a gift box inside the package that contains a number of useful things including some of which do not operate directly with the TV box. The dimensions of this modern TV box are five inches by five inches by a single inches and its total weight is 5.4 ounces. Its size means that it can be used almost anywhere including on homes where there is just small space and its weight means that it can be carried from one place to the other conveniently.


It is evident that the AKASO KIII android TV box is designed for the modern users who like their entertainment in an updated manner. The many modern features are put in place in a way that the users of the TV box can get entertained in almost any way he or she wants. The availability of the many outlined options also plays a role in ensuring that no one is left out and almost anyone can use the TV box. Therefore, the AKASO KIII android TV box is an ideal modern entertainment gadget that has the ability to provide users with high quality entertainment in a convenient manner.