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AKASO T95N Mini M8S Pro Kodi TV Box Android 6.0 Lollipop Chips Amlogic S905X, 2GB DDR3 8GB EMMC Bluetooth 4.0 Support 4K H.265 Video Streaming Media Box Review

Are you tired of watching regular TV? Had enough of cable channels that are playing the same show over and over again? Frequently getting no signal or bad TV and/or cable connection? These are some of the problems we all encounter when using our television either through regular antennae or through cable boxes.

This is why many people have turned into internet streaming boxes. These boxes, that run on Android operating system can buffer TV shows and movies and the best part of it is that you can select which shows you want to watch and when you want to watch.

Personally, ever since I got this product, I almost don’t watch the TV anymore for cable viewing. The repetitiveness of the shows have become so boring and even as I turn to different channels they all seem to be the same and nothing seems to be worth watching anymore. Problem with cable viewing is the limited choices that they offer. If you would like to get a better package, then prepare to spill more money. So this is why people now have been moving from cable boxes to internet streaming TV boxes.

The AKASO T95N Kodi TV Box is exactly how it is described to be in the product description. It has been very easy to use and connect with other devices.

This is a great value for money for an online streaming device. The unit has Kodi pre-installed and runs on an Android operating system. Kodi (an open-source media player software application) is configured to provide you with a good viewing experience.

Looking at the physical appearance, I like that the box came in my favorite color which is black. From a hardware perspective it does what it’s supposed to do quickly and seamlessly. One thing I wish they would improve on this is the power cord, which is kind of too short, similar to that of a phone charger’s length.

The connection rate for this unit is very good. Even if I am 25 feet away and only on 5 MBPS, the connection still works really fine without buffering. Picture quality is great too.

The package comes with an Android TV Box, a Power Adapter, an HDMI Cable, a Remote Controller and a User Manual.

All I did was connect the HDMI cable and the power cord the device worked perfectly fine.

All in all, this is a very user friendly TV box. Unlike other TV boxes, the set up for this device is quite easy and simple. This one, is the best of all the boxes that I have tried. All you need to do is connect this box to the HDMI and plug it and you are all set!

Since this box can play kids’ shows, and YouTube channels, it is a very great way to keep your kids busy. Also, with this box you can actually set the Aspect Ratio to fill your TV screen with an High Definition video from YouTube. This box is better than using a cable box, you have better options and unlimited apps to use. This box also pairs perfectly well wirelessly to a keyboard which seems to be much easier to use or navigate than the remote it came with.

There are multiple apps are pre-loaded in the box and you also have full access to the Playstore which lets you download anything you like. This Tv box is quite fast and works really well with the Television I am using. It has an Amazing picture quality which is actually one of the things that I look for. If you are like me and you like streaming TV and movies better than watching on your cable then this is the right product for you.

For it’s price, I am quite surprised at the quality of this product and how well it operates. The best part about it is that it only cost me $30! It plays really well with no buffer time and it doesn’t lag. Personally, I would consider recommending this as a player instead of using it as a gaming box. However, some light games can play just fine on this box like, for example, Angry Birds.

OS: Android 6.0
GPU: Penta-Core Mali-450 600MHz+
CPU: Amlogic S905X Quad-Core Cortex-A53 2.0GHz
Wifi: Built-in 2.4GHz/1GB Wifi antenna
USB host: Supports U DISK and USB HDD and 2 High speed USB 2.0
Video out port: Supports all standard HD, 4k2k Ultra HD decoding and output.

Key Features:
> This product is very easy hook up. All you need to do is connect it up to your TV & plug it in to the socket and in just 5 minutes you are ready to start.
> You can connect this to your TV through HDMI or Mirroring
> This product can be used with Skype. All you need is a camera with a USB plug.
> Also works well with Facebook and Flickr.
> You can use a wireless keyboard with touch pad or mouse and it should work just fine.
> If you need more space, you can connect up to 1 TB of external hard drive.
> The product is compatible to any TV with HDMI and/or internet access.
> Perfect for watching High Definition videos
> This product can play an Amazon video once the app has been downloaded from the Playstore.
> You can be 25 feet away from your WIFI source and still have a good connection with little to no issue.
> The KODI app let’s you watch any kind of movie or show. Resolution would vary depending on the file that was uploaded on the app.
> Various Kids channels are available.
> Memory can be expanded through an SD card, USB Flash Drive or and External Hard Drive.
> Browser comes with Flash Player.
> Support NFL, UFC and Pay-per-view.

All in all, great product especially for its price point! Would definitely recommend. Great value for your money. The product looks great. Quality is good. Works well with any TV with HDMI and WIFI capability. Streaming works fine and multiple apps are already pre-loaded. Perfect for anyone looking for a streaming device to replace their cable boxes.

AKASO M8S TV Box 4K Android Amlogic S812 Quad Core 2GB RAM 8GB Flash KODI HDMI Wifi Bluetooth 4.0 Media Player

The AKASO M8S TV Box,4K,Android,Amlogic S812,Quad Core 2GB RAM 8GB Flash,KODI,HDMI,Wifi,Bluetooth 4.0 is an extremely powerful Android TV box that is quite simply outstanding. It facilitates for ultra quick operations as well as professional graphic processing capabilities. It runs on one of the latest Android operating systems; the Android 4.4. This definitely means it can provide seamless support for watching 4K TV, online movie and TV streaming, music playback and even high quality 3D gaming. You can also be in an excellent position of browsing the internet, downloading your favorite apps and viewing images at remarkably fast speeds.

This Android run TV box comes with a wide range of value added features, which is very surprising when contrasted with most other alternatives within its given price range. Well, let us now take a closer look at some of its most notable features and specifications.

More than sufficient internal and external memory
The AKASO M8S TV Box,4K,Android,Amlogic S812,Quad Core 2GB RAM 8GB Flash,KODI,HDMI,Wifi,Bluetooth 4.0 provides 2 GB worth of RAM and 8 GB worth of ROM memory capacity. It also offers a flash memory option whose maximum capacity happens to be a whooping 32 GB! This is undoubtedly more than enough memory for most common applications, including streaming HD video, playing 3D games and even downloading your favorite apps.

Ease of connections and operations
This TV box comes with HDMI and AV ports that you can conveniently utilize to make direct connections with HD video devices and audio/video entertainment systems. Additionally, it also features 2 USB 2.0 ports, which you can use to connect a mouse and keyboard. Not to mention video game control consoles and joysticks. It also has an Ethernet port for LAN connections. The whole package includes an infrared remote control that offers convenient control over this product.

Excellent wireless devices connectivity
The AKASO M8S TV Box,4K,Android,Amlogic S812,Quad Core 2GB RAM 8GB Flash,KODI,HDMI,Wifi,Bluetooth 4.0 provides seamless support for Bluetooth 4.0 and dual band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) Wi-Fi compatibility. The first can come in handy when it comes to pairing a wireless mouse, keyboard, music player or even a Bluetooth headset. The Wi-Fi dual band functionality, on its part, facilitates for a very stable wireless signal. This makes it infinitely easier for this Android TV box to deliver a high quality online surfing and online video/ TV shows streaming experience.

Support for a wide variety of music file playback and image files viewing formats
This Android powered TV box can be just the thing you need if you relish listening to music. As such, it can offer seamless support for a wide variety of music playback file formats. This includes MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, AAC, TrueHD, DTS, DOLBY TrueHD, FIAC to name but a few. As for image file formats support, this product can let you view HD JPEG, GIF, BIMP, PING and even TIFF images whenever you wish it.

A top notch and ultra fast internet browsing experience
Here is a TV box that can conveniently double up as an exceptional web browsing device, which is largely thanks to its powerful Amlogic Quad Core processor. You will get to visit all your favorite web pages at a simple click of a button. Some of the most prominent of these website are the most popular social media networks such as YouTube, Facebook, Flicker, Picasa, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and so on. You will also be able to stream thousands of online HD movies along with TV shows at will. Finally, you get to download thousands of Android apps and 3D games, thanks to the unlimited access to Google Play this product provides.

How to use it
This Android run TV box is highly noted for its exceptional ease of use and intuitive user friendliness. The moment you power it up, you will be presented with 2 interface options, which are the launcher and the multimedia launcher interfaces. Both of these user friendly interfaces come with numerous apps and settings icons that are very similar to those of Android mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. Once you decide on what you want to do, you can immediately click on the icon you wish to open. The process of downloading new apps or even the latest updates to those that already exist is also made easy by following the onscreen cues and prompts.

The AKASO M8S TV Box,4K,Android,Amlogic S812,Quad Core 2GB RAM 8GB Flash,KODI,HDMI,Wifi,Bluetooth 4.0 like it has already been stated presents so many benefits, particularly when it is compared to most other alternatives currently awash in the market. Let us now briefly review some of the most conspicuous of these advantages.

Exceptionally fast and powerful processor
This product is powered by an Amlogic S812 Quad Core processor that is widely renowned for its remarkable speed and power. What all this really boils down to is the fact you can seamlessly execute all the favorite tasks you wish for an unparalleled user experience. This includes streaming HD videos and TV shows, browsing the internet, playback your favorite music and even engage in highly interactive 3D gaming.

Comes with numerous preloaded apps
This Android run TV box comes already pre-bundled with a lot of popular apps, including Kodi and Pandora among many others. All this implies you can save plenty of resources, effort and time, which you would ordinarily use to download and install most of your favorite apps. Also, thanks to its unlimited access to Google Play via its Android OS, you are provide with the extra freedom to download almost any kind app or game you are interested in.

Final verdict
As you can evidently see, the AKASO M8S TV Box,4K,Android,Amlogic S812,Quad Core 2GB RAM 8GB Flash,KODI,HDMI,Wifi,Bluetooth 4.0 is certainly a cut above the rest of the competition. With all the outstanding features and benefits, which have been reviewed here, it is hardly shocking to see more and more individuals and families opting for it. With this TV box, you can get to fully revel in crystal clear HD movie and TV shows streaming. You will also be able to play even the most graphically advanced 3D games and browse the internet at exceptionally fast speeds. So, by making the smart decision to settle for this TV box, your home entertainment options will rise a notch higher.

AKASO KII Android TV Box 2GB RAM 16GB ROM Amlogic S812 Quad Core 4K 1000M Gigabit Lan Fully Loaded Kodi TV Streaming Media Player with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Review

Are you looking for a high quality and excellent wireless Android TV box that will assure you of top-notch services? The AKASO KII Android TV Box is a great option TV Box that you will find very perfect. It will enable you to enjoy all your favorite music, videos, and movies, hence the best TV box on the market. Besides this, it doesn’t involve wires as it is Wi-Fi enabled. It will also connect to all Bluetooth enabled devices since it employs the latest Bluetooth technology of 4.0. This is the ultimate TV box that you don’t want to miss. Make your order now and it will be delivered within the estimated time.

Original Android 4K Mini Media Player
This is a world-class TV Box that will enable you to enjoy top-notch services. It comes with an original 4K mini player that will enable you to stream all your favorite videos and music at any time. The player is also very ergonomic and, therefore, a perfect choice for you. Besides this, it also features an Amlogic S812 Quad core 4K 2GHz that greatly enhances its services. This is the ultimate TV Box that will enable you to enjoy all your favorite videos and music with just a touch of the button.

Supports Bluetooth 4.0
Are you tired of connecting wires every time you need to watch? In case you do, then it is time you find a Bluetooth enabled device that will enable you to watch with no wire connection. This high quality TV box is Bluetooth enabled device, hence you will not need to connect wires. It employs the latest Bluetooth connection of 4.0 that allows for a high level of connectivity. This makes it easier to connect to other Bluetooth enabled devices for a greater entertainment. With a 4.0 Bluetooth, it allows for a wide range of connectivity, hence very reliable and convenient.

A dual band 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi
This is a unique TV box that will enable you to stream all your favorite movies and music live. It supports the Android 5.1 operating system that makes it very easier and suitable for streaming all you need within the shortest time possible. This is a very powerful TV box that you will definitely love as it delivers just as expected.

Fully loaded Kodi TV Streaming Media Player
This world-class TV Box comes fully loaded with a myriad number of movies and music that you can always stream and watch with no wire connections. It comes loaded with some of the top rated movies and TV shows that you can always select from and watch all your favorite choices. It is very easy to stream for all the best movies since it is Wi-Fi enabled. It is a great choice for anyone looking for something unique and excellent on the market today.

Enables you to surf and make calls
This is a user-friendly and very reliable TV Box that functions like no other. This is because by being Wi-Fi enabled, the TV box will not only enable you to stream movies and music, but also allows you to make calls on Skype. Besides this, you will also be able to surf on Facebook, Flicker, Picasa, and YouTube. This, therefore, implies that you will be able to chat online with friends and family members. Once on YouTube, you will be able to watch movies online. This is just more than you may imagine of, hence the best TV Box that you don’t want to miss. Get it today by making your order now and it will be delivered within the estimated time.

IR Remote control
The TV box also comes with a powerful and easy to use IR remote control system that will enable you to control the system with a lot of ease. The remote is simpler to use, hence one that you will definitely love.

2GB RAM, Plus 16GB ROM
The AKASO KII 4K TV Box is known to have a superior functionality that is boosted by the 2GB RAM. With this, you are assured of a high quality and reliable performance system. This means that you can easily stream all your movies and music online with a lot of ease. Apart from this, it also features a 16GB ROM that offers you more than enough storage space. This will enable you to store all the music and videos safely. Besides this, you can also add an additional of 32GB storage space as it has an SD Card that can support up to 32GB. This is the world’s best TV Box you need to get started with today.

High level of compatibility
The TV Box is known to be Bluetooth enabled that allows for a wireless connection system. It also features different interfaces like the HDMI Port, which is a standard HDMI female, 1.4b, and one optical port. A 2 x USB 2.0, one AV port and an SD/MMC/SDHC Card slot are the other interfaces that allow for a high level of compatibility.

A pocket-friendly price
Despite being the worlds’ best TV Box on the market today, it is relatively cheap and affordable. For only $51.99, you will be able to get this elegant and quality TV Box. You can also get it at a discounted price when you buy two or more TV boxes. You can get it online today by making your order and it will be delivered within the estimated time.

What is included in the Package box?
· 1 x TV Box
· 1 x User manual
· 1 x IR remote control
· 1 x Power adapter (A right AC Adapter will be sent based on your shipping country)
· 1 x HDMI Cable.

Weight and Dimension
This is a compact TV box that weighs about 166g and has a dimension of 128.5 by 128.5 x 30 mm. This means that it will occupy the least possible space.
These are some of the features of this world-class TV Box that make it the ultimate choice on the market today. It is ergonomic and will always guarantee top-notch services. It employs the latest technology that greatly enhances it services. Despite its high-quality features, the TV Box is relatively cheap and affordable. Get it today online and you will realize how much you have been missing.

AKASO T95 S905 Android 5.1 Smart TV Box Quad Core 1GB RAM 8GB Flash, 4K UHD 3D KODI XBMC Pre-installed Wifi Media Player Reviews


Over the last couple of years, the world has witnessed a tremendous shift in paradigm particularly in respect to content streaming. The sufficiency of conventional boxes has significantly declined mostly because it restricts users only to offline content. With new inventions such as Kodi –an advanced add-on software – streaming is possible both offline and online.

If you are in search of an Android TV box that guarantees ease in streaming content and playing games and overall quality in your viewing, then AKASO T95 TV Box is the best option for you. This TV box gives you a combination of both portability and usability at the same time guaranteeing value for your money.

Comes with a dimensional figure of 0.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches and comes in a metallic casing.
Operates under Android 5.1 Operating System.
Amlogic S905 Quad-Core Cortex-A53 CPU supporting speeds of up to 2.0GHz.
Penta-Core Mali-450 600MHz+ GPU.
1GB RAM and 8GB ROM.
Wi-Fi Built-in antenna (2.4GHz/1GB).
A Video out port that can support both 4k2k Ultra HD decoding and output and every standard HD.
High speed USB 2.0, support U DISK and USB HDD.
Pre-Installed KODI 16.0 add-on.
Hardware 3D graphics acceleration enabled supporting a variety of photo, media, decoder and music formats.
Media formats: Avi, Rmvb, Rm, Vob and Ts among others.
Music formats: MP3, WMA, AAC and WAV among others
Supports external card readers in formats of SDHC, SD and MMC cards.
Supports multi-language OSD languages such as English, German, Italian and Spanish among others.
Comes with an external Ethernet port.
Permits the use of USB keyboard (through2.4GHz USB dongle) and mouse (2.4GHz wireless).
Comes with HDMI support (4k2k Output) and cable and a video output supporting H.265 Hardware Video Decoder.
Power: DC 5V/2A Power supply and an LED Power indicator that turns blue when Power is ON.
Network Function: Supports among other add-ons YouTube, Skype chatting, Picasa, Facebook and Flicker.

List of items in the Package:
1 x Android TV Box.
1 x Remote Controller.
1 x HDMI Cable.
1 x Power Adapter.
1 x User Manual.

It is stated that experience is the best teacher and as such, in case you are not familiar with the term ??Android TV Box’ yet, then AKASO T95 S905 Android 5.1 Smart TV Box is the device to learn from. With the latest version of Android OS, Android 5.1 Lollipop OS, you are certain to own one of the latest devices in the market which guarantees that you remain ahead in the currently tech-dominated world.

With this TV box, you can easily customize your applications, uninstall and install apps of your choice. How cool is that! For those who take time before they settle for something, this TV box comes with a pre-installed KODI add-on together with others such as Cloudtv which will entertain you as you research on the other add-ons you may like to include in your collection.

Every time you purchase a product, the initial step is verifying whether all the features stated in its manual are effectively performing. With a great load of Android TV boxes coming into the market, performance, reliability and quality are the qualities that set the AKASO T95 S905 Android 5.1 Smart TV from the rest of the lot. If you have formerly been having issues with how your device responds, then worry no more because with this TV box such becomes past tense.

If you have yet to purchase the AKASO T95 S905 Android 5.1 Smart TV Box, then you are missing out on a device that guarantees proper and fast execution of commands. Boasting an Amlogic S905 Quad-Core Cortex-A53 2.0GHz with an allowance of speeds up to 2.0GHz, slow execution of your orders becomes a long forgotten story. With such high speed allowances, downloads and live gaming becomes an easy enjoyable experience.

With provisions of fast Wi-Fi connectivity, boasting inbuilt Wi-Fi and in antenna (2.4GHz/1GB), you no longer have to roam around wondering how you will carry out downloads and updates on your device. Moreover, with an Amlogic S905 Quad-Core Cortex-A53 CPU allowing speeds of up to 2.0GHz, downloads will go through at significantly fast speeds ensuring that your entertainment goes on smoothly and uninterrupted.

With a 2.4GHz built in Wi-Fi adapter and subsequent aerial provisions, Internet access is not only fast but smooth and enjoyable. Moreover, with H.265 decoding hardware, you can save up to 50 % bandwidth resources.

For every parent out there wondering what to do for their kids during school breaks, purchasing the AKASO T95 S905 TV box is definitely the best solution to all your queries. With the AKASO T95 S905, movie streaming and other TV channel provisions are made easier and better especially because this box comes with a Preinstalled Kodi 16.0 among the other additional add-ons such as Cloudtv all which will leave your kids glued all-day to the television watching a host of interesting and diverse channels both recreational and educative from the various add-ons. Moreover, with this box, you can install other new add-ons that suit their preferences thus guaranteeing that your kids have a wonderful time during their holiday breaks.

Nonetheless, even with a lump full of fantastic features, every product is still prone to a number of cons linked to it which may at times be from the manufacturer’s side or even from the region from which you are using the device from. One of the major concerns which have been associated with the AKASO T95 S905 Android 5.1 Smart TV Box is the fact that the blue LED indicator light is extremely bright.
Although it has been raised as one of the cons, it may not necessarily be a bad thing considering that a bright LED is visible from afar especially if you are having late night movies in the dark. Another con to this device is that on exiting Netflix or Kodi add-ons through the home screen, the app is killed and it will require you to reload the app again. This however is just one of the isolated incidents on the simple account that most individuals that have purchased this box have provided very positive customer feedbacks.

In a nutshell: Out of a variety of numerous Android TV boxes available in the market, AKASO T95 S905 Android 5.1 Smart TV Box is definitely one Android TV box you should not miss in your living room. With a host of specifications and affordable price tag that comes with it, this box ensures that you not only have value for your money but you also have a wonderful experience every time you switch it on.

AKASO MXQ Amlogic S805 Quad Core Android TV Box KODI Pre-installed Fully Loaded Add-ons Wifi Lan Miracast Airplay HDMI 1G RAM 8G ROM Online Update review


Televisions have been with people for decades today. Watching the favorite movies, shows, sports, news and other entertainment section to select out of several options.The issue with TV, but, is that it works on the basics of broadcasting. A TV channel is to be paid or subscribed for and that channel will plan the chronology of the shows and the timings of duration and broadcasting of it. Today, for the people having a busy life and could not dedicate the whole day to a holiday fully to wait till three pm to watch the desired shows. So the functionality of the TV has been restricted highly withstanding the truth that people have lived with the system of TV for more time and still approve like it is.

Online video streaming:
Video streaming online needs commitment of particular hardware to give at a right speed. There are number of problems in this work. Graphics rendering at the right speed is essential to make sure good delivery of the visual and video synchronization of it. Additionally the processor has to assign a big percentage of its function to be able to process details and send it back and forth to various hardware hence that people can watch out desired flick when they need. Random access memory is needed to input a major percentage to deal the processing of the information sent and obtained by the browser and the website host to the computer. This in change slows the amount at which the system functions. It will trouble the operation of the computer leading in the system losing control and effectiveness in performing what it was referred to. Generally a desktop personal computer, when arranged, is referred to do a particular work, rendering, programming, gaming, home usage or entertainment.

Based on the purpose it costs in a different manner, ranging from three hundred to ten thousand dollars or more. A normal home computer is availed for more things such as streaming a film, school project research and so forth, performing so collectively always troubles in each job it does and people tend to blame the producer for the below average function. A costly gaming computer might not encounter these problems because it is refereed to be great function throughout. A laptop, but, would lead in overheating and extremely slow operation. Today the principle of smart TV comes. This has been with people for a short time. They are referred to work like entertainment aspects tending to each requirement of the users. You could program the television to record a specific show at the specific time of the day. Online stream shows both paid and free subscription and hardly ever even play games. Online stream shows are such as small playstation and Xbox but all in to a monitor and less facility for games. But, the issue which they encounter was of very expensive than a normal man would prevent to afford on entertainment and additionally difficulty system interface and controls.

Smart TV box:
Few even permitted the usage of cell phones like a remote but it was yet very difficult like anything could be. So, soon after, the notion failed and the industries stopped affording like great a sum to advertise it. The concept of smart TV boxes is also come. They are of the similar dimension like your normal cable or antenna boxes but supply a various usage. It generally supports cable from company or antenna and internet connection. Smart TV boxes contains its own committed hardware support refer only for the aim of streaming and like and tending to fun factors. A smart box is necessarily is a box that when attached to the TV set changes your normal television set in to smart television. With the amazing great feature it provides and without all difficulties it experienced from. A smart television box is cost effective because it is oriented on the user interface of the android working system. It provides the similar usage like a phone with plenty of options of a computer and entertainment amounts of a home television or home theater.

One that type of product is MXQ  TV Box arrives with android 5.1 working system, mali 450 graphics processing unit, amlogic S905 processor, WiFi, wired LAN connection support and eight gigabyte of storage capacity and one gigabyte of RAM, most format facility, HD video quality, standard HDMI port for increasing definition of video and audio quality conversion to the TV with range for 4K and 1080 P image quality with best quality sound and each probable format for audio support.1SD and 4USB card support and access to more and more games on the Google play stores and one can also play with the remote controller. It is loaded with the features of an entertainment platform and a console and provides bang for the money. Why is streaming online is good than television networks in the local area? The reason is its simplicity; the internet gives subscription both free and paid. You get streaming sites such as Netflix where you are able to pay amount to watch the fixed shows that are broadcasted on TV without the ad and whenever you need to watch them.

In a way not all shows are in the way of standard soaps, there are some streaming sites such as youtube that tends to the entertainment field. Everything found at the finger tips. Further an android necessarily changes the television in to android equipment and this offers you the ability to download the desired apps on the television and book a table in a hotel, download films, read e-books, play games on a huge screen from the google play store. Therefore when the technology gets advanced, the outdated should fall back and allow the modern technology consider its place. As Smartphone’s put back the old landlines and invites phones and computers put back almost everything, it is the right time for smart television to swap the old and standard methods of entertaining oneself. After the hectic work of the day, a person is entitled to enjoy himself in each method he pleases.

AKASO MX3 UHD 4K Smart TV Box Mini PC Android4.4 S812 Quad Core 1G+8G WiFi BT4.0 Review


If you are planning to use your mobile phone for streaming quality pictures and videos, then you certainly must go through this article. Because of modern technology and the best of WiFi and other facilities it is now possible to use mobile phone in many innovative and intelligent ways and means. It is now possible to stream quality videos without the need for a TV. You could use a mini PC and get it connected to a smart TV box. However since there are so many options available out there it would be difficult to choose the right one. But those who have some knowledge and information have reasons to go in for smart tv boxes. These smart boxes come with a number of exciting and different features and It would be worthwhile to have a look at the reasons why it makes sense to buy them in place of other options.

What Are These Boxes All About

It might not be possible to define how these Android devices work and what should be done to consider them as TV box. They are named so because they resemble more like a small box and they are made from hardware which is compatible with Android software. In most cases they are known to use the ARM processors which have Cortex A9 core. Though they were cutting edge technology a few years ago, today they have become quite old today. In fact some of them also use A5 core which is ancient by today’s standards. Let us now look at a specific brand which has become synonymous with smart TV boxes. The review will certainly help us to have a better perspective about the product and the various features which come attached with it. It also will help a lot in understanding the various attributes which need to be taken into account when it comes to choosing these devices.

AKASO MX3 UHK 4K Smart TV Box Review

Coming from the house of Akaso, this AKASO MX3 TV Box comes with a number of interesting and exciting features. Here are a few of them which are interesting and worth having a second look.

First and foremost it comes with a chipset of Amlogic S812 type which has a speed up to 2.0 GHz. This is faster than the Quad Core 1G+8G chipset which many of us are used to. Further it has many other attractive functions which go in making it an excellent buy. It comes with 8GB Flash and Octo Mali 450 600 MHz GPU. It also has a SD Ram of 1 GB.

A Look At The Interface
It has 2 x USB host and 1 Micro USB too making it easy to copy, store and write data as much as possible. It also has a 1xRJ45 (100M) LAN connection. Additionally 1 HDMI – A type male HDMI out connection also is something that makes this unique and different. The power is supplied from a 1 DC Jack outlet and it also has 1 AV outlet. Further it also has an optical wired connection too.

It has a WiFi, B T 40 connection which helps to come out with a strong signal of 2.4 G. Hence overall when it comes to connectivity it certainly leaves many other models behind.

Now let us look at the software configurations and find out how it compares with other brands in the market. It words on Android 4.4.2 Operating system, and also has the best of Video features. It can play videos in various files formats including MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AV1, H.264, PMP, FLV, MP4, VOB, WMV and much more. It also has the best of audio software and can play files in various formats such as MP3, MP2, MP1, WMA, M4A, AC3, WAV, RA, FLAC and AMR. It also supports Adobe Flash 11.1 or above and therefore when it comes to screening of video or still images it can work wonderfully well.

Browsing And Other Related Activities
It also allows browsing of all video websites effortlessly. It supports, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and Flixter just to name a few. It can also be used for local media playback, apart from supporting U disck and HDD. One can also use it for accessing social media sites like Facebook, MSN, and Twitter, just to name a few. You can also use for various commonly used applications like Office, email, Txt, PDF and so on.

A Look At The Accessories
As is the case with other makes and models of AKASO, this one too comes with a number of accessories. They include instruction manual, remote control, Plug & AC adaptor, HDMI extension cable, and plug and adaptor. The plug and adaptor is suitable for use in 240 AC power

Packing Details And Specifications
The entire unit comes with an overall dimension of 11.5 x 11.5 x 2.68 CM. The box size is 23 x 14 x 5.4 centimeter. The net weight of the product is 0.191 kg and the gross weight is 0.488 kg. The overall carton comes with a size specification of 48.5 x 30.5 x 29.5 centimeter. There are a total of 20 pcs in the carton and the gross weight of the carton is 11.3 kgs.

What Do Customers Say
At the end of the day there is no doubt that the proof of the pudding is in eating. Hence the way customers feel about this product is very important. According to many customers there are quite a few things which go a long way in making this a great smart TV box offering the best of features. Customers have sung praise as far as the quality of picture is concerned. They are also happy with the audio quality and they also believe that connecting with the world wide web through internet using this box is also quite easy. However, there are some concerns being expressed regarding the quality of services being offered by the manufacturers. A few of them have complained that it takes some time before the complaints are registered and attended to. But on the whole there is no doubt that it is a wonderful gadget which offers the best value for money to its customers. Go for it, you won’t have to regret.

TabletExpress, KIDOZ and Disney Join Forces to Bring New Dragon Touch


KIDOZ mission of creating a great, rich, mobile experience for children never ends: following Sprout TV, Kurio, Acer, PBS Kids and more – KIDOZ is happy to announce that Amazon’s top-selling Dragon Touch tablet by TabletExpress has partnered with KIDOZ and Disney to launch a new Dragon Touch.

These preloaded additions enrich users with endless amounts of content: kids can enjoy top quality age appropriate content including games, educational apps and video libraries provided by KIDOZ and Disney.

Parents can rest assured their kids are safe, as well as monitor online time, set permissions and budget – giving their kids the freedom to explore and discover great mobile content while staying within safe and appropriate boundaries.

The Dragon Touch Y88X Plus features a Quad Core CPU, Android 5.1 Lollipop and IPS Display. It retails for $64.99-$78 at  TabletExpress website.

The Black Friday Deals Week Has Started(Nov 21-30)- Special Discount + Freeshipping form the U.S.


Very Exciting!The Black Friday Deals Week Has Started,Special Discount and Freeshipping  form the U.S.
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